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Individual Coaching

You can be radiant and fulfilled.
Coaching offers you a safe and loving space, where you can explore and empower the most authentic parts of yourself.

It’s an opportunity for you to stir your life towards aliveness and excitement and allow you to become the person you desire to be. 
Have you learned to be attentive to others, but rarely follow your inner calling?

In the desire to belong, be loved, safe and accepted, we often turn most of our attention outwards. 


We disconnect from our body:


  • from the inner truth that tells us where to guide our life, 

  • from emotions that tell us how we really feel about something, 

  • from sensations that are sharing the inner world with us,

  • from pleasures that make our life sparkly, radiant and worth living.


This results in us feeling unsure of what inspires us and what excites us.

Listening to your inner desires and pleasures is not selfish.

Especially when you’re following the ones that take you over and lighten you up.

It’s time for the True
You to shine.

Even if it might seem hard from the beginning, I know that you can access your inner clarity and energy again. 

You can learn to offer yourself the same love, care and attention that you’re so lovingly sharing with others.

Your body waits for you to reconnect. Your inner wisdom, radiance and pleasure are always there, waiting for you to open up to them.

I’m here for you to help you find and own your radiance and pleasure.

How we’ll work

1) Your desires

First, we’ll explore what it is that you really want. You don’t need to know this before we start working together. For some it can be a clear goal, and for others it’s more a feeling that there must be more to life. Both are perfect!

2) What’s holding you back

Then we’ll look into what’s holding you back. We’ll dive deep into your inner world and explore the parts of you that haven’t been seen, accepted or understood. We'll invite them to integrate in a loving and nourishing way.

3) Establishing new patterns in the body

Here we’ll work on empowering the supportive parts of you and establish new patterns that will help you to achieve your goals in an empowering and energizing way. 

This process is rarely linear. We will customize it to your individual needs and processes.


Ready to start?

 I hear you

I used to hold it all together, constantly rushing around and taking care of everything. It was exhausting and overwhelming.

In order to be able to live like that, I was ignoring my body’s signals about my own needs and pushed away my emotions. 

I became more and more disconnected and empty inside. 

Until my body said a clear STOP in the form of a bad back pain, that wouldn’t let me stand upright. I hated this pain, but it’s been a teacher that set me on a journey of reconnecting to myself.

It felt scary and dangerous to face all of my feelings. 

I was ignoring and suppressing “unwanted” emotions for so long in a false belief that they were my enemies.

But actually, the time I was ignoring my inner reality was the worst part.

In exploring myself, I gradually started to realize how much wisdom my body, my emotions and my sensations are holding for me.

I realized what powerful, creative and magnificent beings we all are.

It became easier and easier to re-align with what’s important to me. To feel worthy of the magic of life. To enjoy pleasure of all forms.

I know you can do this too. You can let your intuition, your wisdom and your radiance become the cornerstones of your life. You can have the life that you desire and live it fully.


The Somatic Embodiment Coaching

(Soma = body)

Self-discovery requires collection of many pieces of ourselves and assembling them into the puzzle of who we are. 


The field of somatics emphasizes that our body remembers the experiences and emotions that we have repressed, denied and ignored, and which are unconsciously holding us back in our life now.

Through somatic work we can dive into the remembrance of our body. We can recollect and integrate those pieces and reestablish our inner wholeness.

Establishing a base of embodied integrity, self love and acceptance is the basis for growing our worthiness and aliveness which will help us reach our inner alignment and fulfillment.

The coaching pyramid of empowerment

Through the coaching process, my clients learn to

Follow their inner calling and focus on the things that really matter to them.

Bring loving awareness to what their body is telling them and accept their inner world.

Experience joy, aliveness and calmness, as they learn to own their truth and their pleasure.

Learn to value the talents and gifts they naturally possess.

Build intimate relationships that are rooted in safety, understanding and mutual respect.


Coaching packages

Bring Loving Attention to You


2-3 months, 
8 sessions of 90 minutes

Bring loving awareness to your inner world. Learn to understand your body’s messages.

960 €
Live in Alignment

4-7 months, 
16 sessions of 90 minutes

Acknowledge your vision, clear the obstacles and live from a place of radiance and aliveness.

1920 €

Špela’s coaching effectively helped me to orient towards my interests and capabilities, to what I love and want to do, to understand myself better, to be good to myself, and to see the pleasure in that.

In a time of personal hardship, where most of my resources were addressed to supporting my family during the cancer treatment of my father, I nevertheless felt strong and capable to handle the situation. I even felt good and did not lose myself! Špela’s coaching effectively helped me to orient towards my interests and capabilities, to what I love and want to do, to understand myself better, to be good to myself, and to see the pleasure in that. So, the magic was, with the help of Spela, I was able to even better help others, and to face what’s necessary, with love and gratitude – a lesson in resilience. Thank you so much, Špela!

Steffan, Austria

What my clients say

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