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Connect with your wise, intuitive, joyful self in a deep individual work.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


C. Jung

When I heard this quote for the first time, I thought: “I knew it. That’s it!” I felt that there’s something deeper, wiser and powerful in me. If I only knew how to connect to it.


I believe that each one of us carries immense wisdom within us. 

Sometimes this deep knowledge is not easy to access, as there are so many ways we’re influenced from the outside world, on how we “should” do our life.

We can access our hidden mission and desires, when we’re given the acceptance of all that we are, the spaciousness of time and the safe space. Then we’re able to uncover our life’s purpose, innate power and joy.


In 1:1 coaching I’m offering an open, loving, supportive and safe space for you to explore your unconscioussnes and to connect to your deepest desires and the truths of your soul. 


In coaching, we will empower the parts that have the power and vision to get you where you want to go. Even if you may not know yet where that is.

In the coaching session, we will pleasantly balance the conversation with practices of awareness of yourself and your body, emotions and feelings. Meditations, visualizations and breathwork will help us connect with intuition and unconscious desires.

Do you feel an inner calling, that this is the next step on your journey?

How about not postponing it onto tomorrow?

Book a free discovery call.

Mountains in Clouds

I work with women who...

... have been feeling disconnection to themselves, to feel deeply in touch and aligned with their body and soul again. 


... desire to stop feeling disconnected to their pelvic floor and pussy or fearing their sexual energy and start to feel magically energized by being a woman with a pussy.


... find their emotions too much, too intense, too “negative”, to learn to meet them with understanding, love and acceptance.


... feel shame or guilt and desire a safe space to feel acceptance in all they are, all they feel and all their needs.


... desire to heal their numbness and wake up their creativity, magic and authenticity.


... desire to connect with their deep inner wisdom - the part of them that they know exists, but don’t know how to get to know it.

Is this your moment?

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