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A life full of sparkles
With your authentic energy


Feel alive in your body. Live life with purpose. Connect with your inner power.


I’m a wild and free soul and I like to feel and live in that way as well.


I know that as such, and especially as a woman, it’s not always easy to be in a full authentic expression.


We’re often told we’re too much: too loud or quiet, too playful or serious, too emotional or too “masculine”, too educated or not educated enough… you name it. 


That causes us to hide our authentic energy, our sparkles, wisdom and magic.


I strongly believe that every woman can rediscover the fire in her and awaken her passion for life.


Do you feel there’s something in you, you desire to connect with?

In my work, I help women to…

... reconnect with their body and be present within their true self, the one they desire to be.


... feel the amazingness and magic of their authentic self.


... feel comfortable in themselves, in their body and with their emotions. 


... dive deeper into the shadow parts to find their true selves


... feel empowered with new realizations and energized to move in the direction they desire

Is there a "Yes!" in you?

I'm inviting you to work with me.
In a group or individually:


Accepting your Eros

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