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Voice and Breath

The content is only available in german or slovenian.

Surrender to the authentic beauty of your natural voice  

Feel relaxed and free to breathe in and out  
Feel comfortable and content
in yourself

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Meditating in Nature

Hier findest Du 3 kurze Einführungseinheiten in den Herbstkurs für Freier Atem und angenehme Stimme.

In the lessons we will explore breath, sound and movement.



Deep, full, relaxed breathing invites us to feel ourselves

Helps us to open deeper sensory spaces within ourselves

The breath moves and releases the energy and emotions that we put into our bodies during more stressful times

Breath encourages us to finish stress cycles

Returns us to an integrated and calm state within the body




The voice is a vibration that we let resonate within us

Through vibration, we can let the sensations, energy and emotions present in the body move and be released.

Attention to the inner vibration and sound has a tremendous healing capacity for the body



Stress, tensions and pent-up energy lock the body into rigid patterns

Allowing and curiously exploring our own movement attracts freedom and healing lightness into our body

Mindful movement allows the body to free itself from rigidity in a relaxed and safe way

It helps us find our natural, authentic, relaxed movement

Mindful movement invites us into a gentle and balanced state of meditation during practice


We will...

... open the chest cavities and allow the fullness of the inhalation and exhalation.

... explore where our voice sounds.

... connect with the healing energy of the earth and activate feelings of groundedness and empowerment.

... relax the chest and intercostal respiratory muscles, and explore the flexibility and vitality of our centre.

... feel and stimulate the connection and cooperation of our centre between the chest and pelvic floor.
observe with gentle attention and learn to accept all that is present within us.

In the workshop we will use

Feldenkrais method
breathing techniques  


Based on previous experience with the Feldenkrais Method, meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques, everyone will be able to build on the base they have already built, or have just started to build.   
No prior knowledge is necessary, as everyone in the workshop will be able to find for themselves what they can feel in themselves at the moment and build their own individual process.


Online (Zoom).



Wednesday at 17:30 to 18:30 in Slovenian.
Wednesday at 18:45 to 19:45 in German.
From 4.10. to 13.12.
On 1.11. the unit is cancelled. 

Missed a lesson?

No problem! During the workshop, you get access to the lessons and can repeat them whenever you want.


60 minutes. For integration after the lesson, I recommend that you take 15 minutes in which you can stay focused on yourself and your feelings. You can sit down, lie down, go for a walk or do something completely relaxing and pleasant.

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About the workshop conductor

Hi, I'm Špela

Our voice and breath are a really authentic expression of ourselves, and they fascinate me from that point of view.

When do we leave them open and open and when do we silence them and adapt them (to the surroundings)?

In the workshop, I will invite us to feel them in a non-judgmental way. To give the voice space to vibrate and ring. I will invite us to feel and accept our own rhythm of breath.

I look forward to your participation!

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