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3 Short Lessons for Your Voice and Breath

(only in German or Slovenian)


Here you will find 3 short lessons that are an introduction to the autumn workshop for relaxed breathing and a pleasant voice. Of course, you can also make them independently.


In the 1st short lesson, I invite you to feel the pleasant, calm and nourishing earth energy within you. With attentive and deep breathing, we will invite it into us, and we will release from ourselves everything that we no longer need at this moment.


In the 2nd short lesson, we will explore breath and sound, as well as small spaces within ourselves in which we can let sound vibrate.

In the 3rd short lesson, I invite you to explore movements that help relax the neck, jaw, face and eyes. For maximum relaxation, the movements should be really small and comfortable. Here, less is more ;)


You can do the lesson in the morning for a pleasant start to the day, or in between, when you want to reconnect with yourself in everyday life.

Each lesson lasts just over 5 minutes and can thus represent a short relaxation and grounding even on busier days.

Do you like short lessons?
You can find more information about the workshop and the possibility of registration here.

Thank you!

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