Gesunder und aktiver Beckenboden

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What do the participants of the previous workshops say?

The experience that you can not only tense your pelvic floor, but that you can specifically control all tubes individually, is simply sensational! Even at the beginning of the exercise I did not think that I would succeed. But with a bit of concentration it didn't work out too badly.

I'm surprised how quickly muscle function has improved. I will apply what I have learned in everyday life, in sports and in gardening.

I knew how important the pelvic floor muscles are, but so far I haven't really been able to activate them.

Perceiving the pelvic floor in a targeted manner, thinking about it and consciously breathing has full effects during sex and brings positive changes.

I have never perceived my body structure and my muscles in the way you explained. It made it possible for me to discover muscles and feelings in myself that I hadn't even known before.

The two workshops were so eye-opening for me, just soothing that you talk about something like that.

What Feldenkrais pelvic floor workshop does is really something beautiful and calming.

The lower part of the torso is neglected in many trainings. I haven't come into contact with it so far, I have to honestly say. Often you train a lot of extremities, stomach, core, but you really don't train the pelvic floor.

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