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5 Short Lessons for Your Pelvic Floor


Our pelvic floor is a wonderfully powerful, but also a very hidden part of us, which often makes it more difficult to awaken, train it, as well as allow the energy in this area to flow freely.

Clarity and awareness of the pelvic floor is extremely helpful here. Improving your awareness is like improving your map – the more accurate it is, the easier it is to find your way.

In my work, I like to help women become more aware of this area and feel it as if they could touch it. This helps us to activate and relax it more easily, as well as to

better perceive the sensations that are present in this area.

In this course, you will be able to invite awareness into the pelvic floor through:

touching the pelvic bones - the bony edges of the pelvic floor,

movement with awareness,

attentive breath,


After the course, you will be able to incorporate this new awareness into your daily movement and training, as well as it can help you breathe more fully and focus more easily on the present moment.


In the course, you will receive a short presentation about the pelvic floor and 5 practice lessons. Each lesson lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. You need a chair for the first three lessons, and a mat/blanket/rug on the floor for the last two.

For a really safe and pleasant experience, I invite you to read about the Feldenkrais method here before starting with practice lessons.

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