Tjaša Janžič
Primary School Teacher

When my son Jure was 3 months old we started with online Feldenkrais classes for babies. Despite the fact that the work is done completely remotely I would recommend these meetings to any mother who wants to connect with their child even more and is looking for ways to help him use his body for new adventures.

I am always looking forward to new discoveries. In addition to everything, Jure also enjoys the lessons. I must say that Jure has shown great progress since the beginning of our meetings. Before we started with these lessons I was often out of ideas for how to play with him but now I don't have any more problems because Špela always shows me new ways. Of course, I can't leave out Špela's extraordinary talent for working with people and babies which makes the sessions even more special and authentic.


Meine erste Einheit war eine Einzelstunde als ich zum ersten mal schwanger war und im 8. Monat war. Als Spela nur ihre Hände auf mich gelegt hat, habe ich das gefühl bekommen, dass ich alles loslassen kann und habe mich so entspannt, wie schon seit ein Paar Monate nicht. Seitdem komme ich in der Gruppenstunden, wo ich mich genauso gut entspannen kann, manchmal schlaffe ich sogar ein. Als Hebamme tue ich die Feldenkrais Methode für die Schwangere sehr empfehlen.

Emilia Muzika Herczeg
Plastic Surgeon

When I wake up in the morning, I wonder if it’s already Thursday when the Feldenkrais lesson takes place.

In the online lesson I hear your voice and I close my eyes and feel exactly as if I were with you in the live lesson. And when I see your sparkling and shining eyes at the beginning of the lesson, I'm really glad that I got to know you. You simply convey the joy. Thank you very much.

I would recommend Feldenkrais to every person, of all ages, with or without problem with the musculoskeletal system, ... absolutely everyone!

​Chukwunwike Anikpeh (Noble)
Fouder of Fitsii

I'm speechless each time I try to explain the state of my body and mind after each Feldenkrais session, it’s so profound that I wish that state of mental and physical ownership could just remain with me forever.

I couldn’t differentiate if this was some sort of meditation or fitness activity, after observing it for a while when my wife was practicing, so I decided to try it out.

The very first time I experienced Feldenkrais, it felt like I had a total body and mind transplant, it was this short but intense moment where I felt that I was out of touch with reality. And what is even more interesting about it is that the experiences are never the same.

As a matter of fact, words cannot compound this whole experience, you just have to try it, before you can comprehend it. I fell in love twice, first with my wife, and now with Feldenkrais.


Ich bin im 5. Monat schwanger und verfolge seither Špela‘s Kurse. Nach der Gruppenstunde fühle ich mich in einem ganz anderen Zustand als zuvor. ich bin mehr im Balance, bin mehr mit mir selber verbunden und generell hebt die Einheit mein Wohlbefinden auf ein höheres, himmlisches Niveau.
Da ich Probleme mit meiner Wirbelsäule habe, befürchtete ich, dass diese während der Schwangerschaft eskalieren würden, aber vorerst mit Hilfe des Feldenkrais Einheiten habe ich eine gesunde Basis behalten und im Lendenbereich schmerzfrei bin.
Mit Špela haben wir auch meine Haltung verbessert. Dadurch habe ich mehr Flexibilität im Schulterbereich, ich merke einen stabileren Bodenkontakt und nehme meine Beckenbewegung viel mehr wahr, was ich vor den Feldenkrais Einheiten komplett vergessen habe.
Ich empfehle die Feldenkrais Einheiten während der Schwangerschaft wirklich sehr. Die Einheiten sind sehr gut angepasst, sodass ich mich immer sehr wohl gefühlt habe. Es wird auch eine besondere Verbindung zum Kind hergestellt, das auch am Unterricht teilnimmt.

Ines Mayer
MSc Sport Science, Tranings Therapy

Sports and movement play a crucial role in my life. For many years I was in a very performance-orientated environment. I achieved a high-performance level in different sports but always suffered injuries and pain due to imbalances and overload.

Since I join the weekly Feldenkrais Group Lesson with Špela, I realize again and again that I can work with or against my body in every movement in every sports practice I do.

I don’t only change my movement patterns but also my mindset about my targets and the pathway towards them. It's a process towards more balance and health within my movements and my mind.

Barbara Hollborn
Psychosocial Counselor and Coach

When I get up after a Feldenkrais lesson, I feel at home in myself, in my body. For me, this is a way to connect with myself and find my way of movement.

I look forward to every Feldenkrais lesson, as each is different and interesting and I always learn something new. Above all my back pain has disappeared since I am doing Feldenkrais.

I can squat again, as well as rocks and roots are no longer a problem in the forest. It makes my life very beautiful.