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​Chukwunwike Anikpeh (Noble)

Fouder of Fitsii


I'm speechless each time I try to explain the state of my body and mind after each Feldenkrais session, it’s so profound that I wish that state of mental and physical ownership could just remain with me forever.

I couldn’t differentiate if this was some sort of meditation or fitness activity, after observing it for a while when my wife was practicing, so I decided to try it out.

The very first time I experienced Feldenkrais, it felt like I had a total body and mind transplant, it was this short but intense moment where I felt that I was out of touch with reality. And what is even more interesting about it is that the experiences are never the same.

As a matter of fact, words cannot compound this whole experience, you just have to try it, before you can comprehend it. I fell in love twice, first with my wife, and now with Feldenkrais.

Ines Mayer

MSc Sport Science, Tranings Therapy


Sports and movement play a crucial role in my life. For many years I was in a very performance-orientated environment. I achieved a high-performance level in different sports but always suffered injuries and pain due to imbalances and overload.

Since I join the weekly Feldenkrais Group Lesson with Špela, I realize again and again that I can work with or against my body in every movement in every sports practice I do.

I don’t only change my movement patterns but also my mindset about my targets and the pathway towards them. It's a process towards more balance and health within my movements and my mind.

Barbara Hollborn

Psychosocial Counselor and Coach


When I get up after a Feldenkrais lesson, I feel at home in myself, in my body. For me, this is a way to connect with myself and find my way of movement.

I look forward to every Feldenkrais lesson, as each is different and interesting and I always learn something new. Above all my back pain has disappeared since I am doing Feldenkrais.

I can squat again, as well as rocks and roots are no longer a problem in the forest. It makes my life very beautiful.

Tjaša Janžič

Primary School Teacher


When my son Jure was 3 months old we started with online Feldenkrais classes for babies. Despite the fact that the work is done completely remotely I would recommend these meetings to any mother who wants to connect with their child even more and is looking for ways to help him use his body for new adventures.

I am always looking forward to new discoveries. In addition to everything, Jure also enjoys the lessons. I must say that Jure has shown great progress since the beginning of our meetings. Before we started with these lessons I was often out of ideas for how to play with him but now I don't have any more problems because Špela always shows me new ways. Of course, I can't leave out Špela's extraordinary talent for working with people and babies which makes the sessions even more special and authentic.

Emilia Muzika Herczeg

Plastic Surgeon


When I wake up in the morning, I wonder if it’s already Thursday when the Feldenkrais lesson takes place.

In the online lesson I hear your voice and I close my eyes and feel exactly as if I were with you in the live lesson. And when I see your sparkling and shining eyes at the beginning of the lesson, I'm really glad that I got to know you. You simply convey the joy. Thank you very much.

I would recommend Feldenkrais to every person, of all ages, with or without problem with the musculoskeletal system, ... absolutely everyone!

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