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Individual lesson

A practitioner and pregnant women holding hands

What is a Functional integration lesson?

Functional integration is non-verbal individual work that’s based on learning. That’s why in the lesson we don’t use the words patience and therapist, but the words student and teacher. 


The teacher moves the student in a gentle and non-invasive way. With movements, the teacher supports the student's movement patterns and takes over the unnecessary work of the student's muscles. 

Student's nervous system responds by regulating the muscle tone and the student discovers the tensions that arise during her/his movement. She/he learns to let go of the unnecessary effort  to find and use an easier movement. 


Through this kinesthetic communication the teacher facilitates awareness of normal movement patterns and emphasizes the integration of the whole body in movement. Integration means connecting differentiated parts into a coherent whole.

* FI lessons take place in my praxis in Vienna, 9th district and in my praxis at the Feldenkrais Institute Vienna in the 2nd district.

* Due to COVID-19 availability may vary.

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