Individual Lesson

* FI lessons take place in my praxis in Vienna, 9th district.

* Due to COVID-19 availability may vary.

FI is an individual, hands-on lesson, done fully clothed, lying on a low, comfortable table. 
Through conversation and observation of movement Feldenkrais teacher will get to know the individual, his way of movement, habits, potentially destructive patterns and his self-awareness.

Based on the individual’s needs and desires, the lessons will be developed, specifically for the student, custom-tailored to the his unique circumstances and movement.
through gentle and pleasurable manipulation Feldenkrais teacher will suggest expanded possibilities for new meaningful movement patterns. The experience of comfort and ease of movement allows The student to learn how to reorganize their actions in new and more effective ways.

the individual will achieve a reduction in pain and tension, more efficient and light movement, better posture and self-awareness. Over time student will discover lasting, specific improvements in the movements of their everyday lives.