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Hi, ich

bin Špela

Hi, I'm Špela


My story

In my feeling of "disconnection" I felt alone for a long time. It was only after years of working with women, in individual lessons and in workshops, that I realized that for many of us this is kind of a normal state.


We disconnect from our inner wisdom, pleasure, playfulness and sexuality.  Oftentimes we learn it’s not important and even feel shame. We turn off the fire in us and the world becomes more gray and monotonous.This is often how we turn off the compass of where we want to go in our life as well.


I knew these feelings all too well and knew that this was not the way I wanted to go through life. There was also another, inexplicable and strong feeling in me, and although I didn't know where it was taking me, I decided to listen to it.


It took me to study kinesiology and master's studies in Vienna, and later to study the Feldenkrais method and the VITA (Vital Integrated Tantric Approach) coaching method certification, which added depth to my work.


Feldenkrais method, brought me into the amazing world of embodiment, presence in myself and with all there is.It showed me the way to be in a curious connection with my inner self and helped me find the way of being in my body, that wasn’t causing me pain and discomfort.


VITA method is, I believe, changing the world. It is taking the most effective teaching of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blending them with the ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality. For me, it has helped me accept my very feminine self - the very passionate, wild, free, spontaneous, restful and fun part of me. I'm completing the coaching certification this year. The study has been an amazingly fulfilling and heartwarming journey.


Through this journey, the sparkles, energy and fire in me came back. I recognized the importance of connection with my body, as well as all the emotions and experiences. 


I realized that when I truly feel and accept everything that is present in me, I’m able to move into my inner world and connect with my intuition. With this part of me that knows my deepest desires, my mission and fulfillment. This brought clarity, comfort and passion in me.

Hallo, ich bin Špela.

Unsere Stimme und unser Atem sind ein wirklich authentischer Ausdruck von uns selbst und sie faszinieren mich aus dieser Sicht.

Wann lassen wir sie entspannt und frei sein und dabei sich selbst und unsere Meinung äußern, und wann bringen wir sie zum Schweigen und passen uns an die Umgebung an?

Im Kurs werde ich uns einladen, sie ohne Vorurteil wahrzunehmen. Wir werden der Stimme den Raum zum Vibrieren und Klingeln geben. Ich werde uns einladen, unseren eigenen Atemrhythmus zu spüren und zu akzeptieren.

Damit lassen wir auch unseren authentischen Teil von uns auf leichte und angenehme Weise zum Ausdruck zu kommen.

Ich freue mich auf Deine Teilnahme!


I strongly believe that every one of us has a deeper calling, a mission, a vision. It may be changing the world, taking care of a wonderful family, traveling and seeing the wonders of the world, reading all the books that you can find, leading an amazingly fulfilling business, or whatever else. All that is perfect. 


From my own experience and from working with women, I know that when we give it time and space to express, in each of us we will find a deeply wise, magical, unbelievably powerful, loving and simply amazing intuitive part of us.


Would you like to connect to your disconnected part as well?

Is some unexplainable force in you saying yes?

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