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Strong Pelvic Floor, Healhty Posture and Self-Satisfaction
The content is only available in german or slovenian.

Let the strong and pleasant support in the pelvis accompany you through a lighter, more satisfied and more upright everyday life.


I invite you to learn to take advantage of the body's natural potential ❤️

Activate natural support:
an upright and supportive body posture stimulates the functionality of the pelvic floor, and well-functioning pelvic floor muscles also help you maintain an upright posture.

An upright posture and supporting strength in the pelvic floor also affect the feelings we have inside.

They help us feel more vital, energetic, powerful and brave. We feel security, relaxation, calmness and satisfaction within ourselves.


The lessons in the upcoming workshop will offer just that

  • Researching the optimal connection and functionality of the upright posture with the optimal functioning of the pelvic floor

  • Researching the optimal connection and functionality of the upright posture with the optimal functioning of the pelvic floor

We will focus our attention on the whole body, and the pelvis will be our constant companion and supporter from the background.

Get to know

  • how the pelvis and pelvic floor can support you in an upright posture

  • how these comfortable sensations in the body and the pleasant awareness of the pelvic floor help you stay more centered, calm and satisfied

  • added bonus: how instead of pelvic floor training, your everyday life can become your pelvic floor "training".


The lessons will be light and relaxing, which facilitates optimal activation of the pelvic floor.


For the optimal functioning of this strong and at the same time delicate area, it is important to feel safe and comfortable in the body.


In this way, we can feel the pelvic floor more easily, engage it better and let it support our body in a pleasant and upright posture.


We will therefore give priority to comfort in the body and slow movements, intertwined with satisfaction and pleasure of being inside.

An added bonus of the workshop


You always run out of time for pelvic floor training, but at the same time you (like more than half of women) are burdened by some of the very common problems with the pelvic floor, such as incontinence, pain during menstruation, pain during intercourse, frequent inflammation, organ prolapse etc.?


Let pelvic floor training no longer be training, but part of your everyday movement!


Learn how the activation and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles can make training a part of your movement during normal everyday life, activities or sports.


Based on previous experience with pelvic floor muscle training and Feldenkrais awareness training through movement, everyone will be able to build on the base they have already built, or have just begun to build.

Prior knowledge is not necessary, as everyone in the workshop will be able to find for themselves what they can feel in themselves at this moment and build their own individual process.


Via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home. You only need a mat or a blanket.



Torek ob 19:00 v nemščini, 18.4. Do 13.6.
Sreda ob 10:00 v slovenščini 19.4. Do 14.6.

Missed a lesson?

No problem! During the workshop, you get access to the lessons and can repeat them whenever you want.


60 minutes. For integration after the lesson, I recommend that you take 15 minutes in which you can stay focused on yourself and your feelings. You can sit down, lie down, go for a walk or do something completely relaxing and pleasant.


Early bird (do 10. Aprila): 148 €

Redna cena: 160 €

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