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Awareness Through Movement

3 unexpected and cool things, that your pelvic floor can do

heart shape with hands

Basic workshop for your flexible, strong and pain-free back


For Pregnant

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What is an Awareness Through Movement Class?

Lessons of awareness through movement will encourage you to explore your own movement in such a way that you'll achieve the greatest possible effect with as little effort as possible. 


The lessons are designed to improve your abilities: to turn the impossible into the possible, the difficult into the easy, and the easy into the pleasant. 

Only if you find the way to make your movements simple and enjoyable, will they become part of your habits. 


The movements in the lessons are performed slowly and with many pauses. The initial movements are usually very small, with an emphasis on simplicity, lightness, and pleasantness of movement, which then becomes more complex, extensive, and faster. In that way you have a chance to sense the difference in more and less pleasant movements and actively use the pleasant ones. Gradually, you’ll form an awareness of how the whole body can comfortably participate in each of your movements. 


During the lessons, the teacher will not show you the movements, but only give oral instructions, and you’ll be encouraged to perform them in your own way and in accordance with your sensations and abilities. The teacher deliberately will not give feedback on your movement, as in this way she/he encourages your learning through exploration. With meaningful questions, the teacher facilitates the process of motion perception and kinesthetic awareness. 


The purpose of the lessons is for you to discover and learn your most appropriate movement pattern, which you’ll perceive as smooth and easy movement.

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