Your stable and flexible core in movement

In the title, I was joking a little about what is important at the beach. You know all the ideas about the prefect six-pack in summer?

For me, lightness, elegance and joyfulness are so important!

Keep reading to find out more about it :)



Do you want to be stable and still flexible in your core while moving?

This workshop is for everyone who wants to make walking, running, climbing, horseback riding or any other activity more enjoyable, effective and easier. In all those hobbies, the connection of your stable and flexible core in movement is so important.


In the workshop, you will be finding a better connection within yourself and make your movements easier. 

This will allow constant progress.

Believe me, you already have it all! You just need to find them in yourself.

Come to the workshop and discover them.


Runner Edward Yu wrote in his book “Slow down to run faster” the following: “Your body is speaking constantly. And the biggest difference between the great Olympic runners and the rest of us is not that they are somehow superior, bench press more weight, or have more willpower. It's that they actually hear their bodies. Their hearing is so acute that they often notice the slightest whispers. We teenagers and adults, on the other hand, miss a great deal of what our bodies are saying, and truthfully, we only stop to listen when we can no longer ignore our body screaming, as in the case of injury. Anything less and we claim not to hear it. But the truth is we can't hear because we don't listen. We have become caught in a vicious cycle of not listening and thereby corrupting the sensitivity of our hearing."

This doesn’t mean that athletes don’t put endless hours of dedicated training into their performance, but the message that touches me the most from these words is that we all have this tremendous potential for development within us. Everyone can find in themselves the same lightness that we see in top performances and can use this movement in everyday life or hobbies.


It may sound contradictory that to improving speed, power, balance, coordination, and enjoyment in movement we first need to slow the movement down and pay attention to oneself. But the same is true for other disciplines.

For example, when musicians are learning to play a certain part fast they first slow down and replay the sequence of notes in a slow rhythm.

The same thing happens in our movement - the slower we move, the easier it is to tune it. With a more coordinated movement between individual parts, better balance, coordination, strength, endurance and speed are developed. And most importantly, it enables the joy of movement and feelings within oneself.



I found my way of movement in Feldenkrais lessons, where I have discovered the immeasurable beauties of light movement, inner feelings, the joy of observing myself in movement, and developing my potential in all areas.

This is what I would like to share with you!


If you want to feel the ease of movement originating from your core, and making your favourite hobby and your everyday life activities more fun and enjoyable then this workshop is for you.


  • to draw attention to yourself in movement and thus make your movement easier and safer,

  • how you can better use your pelvis to find stability, and how your legs can carry you with lightness, while you stay stable,

  • keep an open chest, while at the same time allowing shoulders and arms to rest comfortable, 

  • how to transfer newly achieved awareness into your favorite hobbies and enjoy your movement even more,

  • why to give priority to safe and pleasant movement, and build on sustainable progress and greater enjoyment of yourself and your movement,

  • find out that the way is more important than then reaching the goal itself.

Join us for weekly workshops, from 15.3.2021 to 18.6.2021 via Zoom.


The lessons are taking place in the time slots of regular ATM classes:


Tuesday, 16:15 in German

Tuesday, 19:45 in Slovenian

Thursday, 8:30 in German

Thursday, 20:00 in English

Attention: due to public holidays, the lessons in this workshop will be postponed twice from Thursday to Wednesday:

- instead of May 13th, the lessons will take place on May 12th and

- instead of June 3rd., the lessons will take place on June 2nd.



To sign up, contact me at spela@blenkus.com
Please feel free to contact me on the above mention email, if you have any other questions or thoughts.


Are you new to Feldenkrais? Discover if this is for you with special offer.
Newbies, your first two classes are free of charge. To get information about it, write me: spela@blenkus.com

Looking forward to exploring new movements with you! :)

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