What do you do while walking?

Almond Blossom

Why a foot workshop right now, in the summer? Because:

  • your feet connect, support and allow other parts to stay centered and stable. They help your knees and lumbar region with stability

  • feet, which support you well, allow other parts above you to stay relaxed. Therefore, your hips and spine will stay mobile and relaxed.

  • lessons, which involve your feet, give a sense of connection with yourself and grounding

  • the awareness of the feet and contact with the ground brings you relaxation and calmness

  • in the summer you have a lot of opportunities to observe your feet in contact with the ground and transfer the new knowledge from the lesson to your everyday life

  • because you are less likely to get cold without socks in the summer and that’s why this is a great time to practice with your feet!

Want to know more? Read about it here: https://www.spelablenkus.com/stronghappyhealthyfeet