Relax your shoulders, neck and jaw and find the subtle movement in the saddle


Have you ever experienced a horseback riding trainer shouting: “Shoulders back, sit straight, look forward!”

Me too, not just once!


And while trying to accomplish all that, you’ve found yourself sitting like you’ve eaten a stick?

Maybe with pain in between the shoulders or lumbar area?


And even if you're already really aware of your seat, do you still notice some tension in your shoulders?


It’s hard, if not impossible to subtly follow the movement of the horse while you actively tense your muscles to bring your chest, shoulders, and neck into a prescribed position.

How to stay relaxed in the upper body AND sit straight? Join us in the workshop!


In this workshop you will learn how:

  • your tension in shoulders, neck, and jaw prevent you from having a supple seat

  • to let go of unconsciously activated muscles in the chest, shoulders, neck, and jaw

  • relaxed upper body can improve your seat 

  • to be more balanced in the saddle

  • the loosening of the tensions in your upper body can help you to be emotionally more stable, more connected with your horse, and less stressed.

When, where, and price? From 21.9. until 16.12.


Thursdays from 7:00 p.m.

to 8:00 p.m.




Early bird till 18.9.: 165€

Normal price from 18.9.: 180€


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