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Living in Alignment

Hi, I’m Špela

I help you reconnect with the True You.


We all have a joyful, radiant Self in us.

But with all the life worries and expectations, we stop making decisions in alignment with this inner playful, pleasure-filled and big-dreaming Self.

We start to feel empty, exhausted or unfulfilled inside.

I’m here to help you reconnect with your inner authentic Self and live a fulfilled life in which you can be who you desire to be.


Work with me


I’m offering you a safe and loving space, where we explore your wildest desires, integrate what’s holding you back from them and create the path to reach them.


Workshops offer a space for you to connect with your body, emotions and sensations and find a place of safety, love and understanding within you.

Somatic approach

As a somatic practitioner, I believe that our body holds deep wisdom.

All our sensations, emotions and even pain are there for a reason. It’s our body’s way to communicate with us.

Through loving exploration, we can learn to understand those messages. When we let them guide us, we expand our inner fulfillment and alignment.

I’m a certified VITA coach and Feldenkrais practitioner. In my work I use modern somatic approaches and ancient taoist and tantric practices.

My mission is to help you feel your truth and follow what’s right for you.

Together, we can explore how to

Connect to your embodied wisdom

Experience the calmness and joy of being in true inner alignment.

Enjoy your pleasure, sensuality and sexuality

Create safe intimate spaces and allow your pleasure to flow through you.

Live in alignment with your radiant, loving Self

Give space to the creative, radiant Self and let it guide you towards fulfillment.


Book a Free Discovery Call

Through our work, my clients:

Establish love, safety and trust in their body.


Recognize their self-worth and the value they bring into this world.


Expand the ways they experience pleasure in their life.


Learn to ground and find comfort in themselves.


Set clear and loving boundaries.


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