Group Lesson


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* ATM lessons are due to corona situation currently conducted via zoom.


Via zoom, location independent

Tuesday 16:15
Thursday 8:30


Via zoom, location independent

Tuesday 19:30


Via zoom, location independent

Thursday 20:00

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a part of the Feldenkrais method, practiced in a group that teacher is leading with voice instructions.

In the ATM lesson you will be encouraged to curiously explore your own movement with ease and pleasure. In this way, you will have an opurtunity to find your optimal movement.

Each lesson has a certain theme or function, that through the session you will learn to execute effortlessly. Lighter and unimpeded movement will be introduced in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Later you can introduce your new insights in your everyday life.

Side effects of lessons are calmness and relaxation.